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This website (henceforth for brevity "Website" or "Website" or "Website") of the company with the name "SPARTA GOODS MIKE" (29 Solomou Street, Postal Code 14451, Metamorphosis, Tax ID No. 800635449, tel. : 2108212800, email: [hereinafter for the sake of brevity "Company" or "We"] is used in accordance with the following terms and conditions ("Terms" or "Terms of Use"), which visitors to the Website ( hereinafter for the sake of brevity "You") you are required to carefully read, understand and accept before your tour.

Your use of our Website implies your unreserved acceptance of them. If you disagree with the content of the Terms (original or modified/updated as above) you must not use the services and content of this Website.

The Company may at any time modify the Terms of Use at its discretion, so you need to check them regularly.

Continued use of the Website after any modification or update of the Terms means that you accept the modified/updated Terms of Use.


I. The visitors/users of the Website owe during their visit and use:

• to be used only lawfully, exclusively for lawful purposes,

• comply with the legislation governing telecommunications, including the rules of ethical online behavior (netiquette), if and to the extent that it applies to you;

• to act worldly and according to good manners.

II. You must additionally:

• not use our Website to send, share, publish, transmit, retransmit, reproduce or make available in any way illegal, threatening, abusive, violent, harassing, offensive or defamatory, suggestive or obscene content or content that is discriminatory (racial or any other point of view),

• not use the Website to send, share, publish, transmit, retransmit, reproduce or make available in any way malware, viruses, potentially unwanted programs, etc.;

• not to infringe or jeopardize patents, patents, logos, trademarks, copyrights, industrial property rights or other rights of third parties;

• not use any software or hardware program, application or device or any other means of any kind to destroy or modify the structure or services or functions of our Website, its design and format or its code, nor attempt to tamper with any way to carry out any of the above actions (attempt), nor facilitate in any way any third party to carry out them,

• do not provide third parties (or of course you yourself), through our Website, access to the Company's computer and/or computer networks, nor use it as a means for unauthorized access (yours or third parties') to networks or third party systems,

• not use the Site for illegal purposes or in an illegal and/or abusive manner nor as a means of illegal activity or for the commission of electronic fraud or other prosecuted and/or infernal acts;

• refrain from actions/use that could potentially damage or harm the Company or third parties in any way,

• not to restrict, prevent or prohibit the use of the Website by and/or to third parties.


I. The Company makes every reasonable effort to ensure, as far as possible, the continuous availability of the content of our Website and its uninterrupted use by its visitors and also tries in every reasonable way to always keep its information accurate and up-to-date Website and its content to be updated at all times.

Similarly, it takes all necessary measures to ensure that the Website does not present viruses.

However, the use of the downloaded software is the responsibility of the visitor/user and, therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that the software used by your personal computing device does not contain viruses that could cause damage during upload.

The Company cannot guarantee that the content of the Website will be uninterrupted or error-free or that any errors that occur will be promptly resolved.

Nor can the Company guarantee that the Website or any other website to which it refers with links as mentioned below or the servers through which its content is displayed to you are finally operating without viruses.

Therefore, the Company bears absolutely no responsibility, under any circumstances, for:

• any damage that may occur to the users/visitors of the Website when connecting to it, or

• damage during or because of their access to it, and/or from the use or non-use or improper use of the Website nor for

• any loss, alteration or destruction of data or software or hardware during or after the use of the Website, nor for

• any errors (bugs) or malfunctions of the program, likewise neither for

• possible omissions or delays in transmission from a computer or network connection, etc., nor for

• any lack of availability or

• not timely updating/updating the content of the Website.

All of the above are the responsibility of the visitors/users of the Website, who assume all the relevant risks and bear the relevant costs that may arise in such a case.

II. Banks and other electronic means of payment for the products you order and buy through our Website, as a registered user after creating a relevant account or as a visitor, are required to ensure a secure payment environment and any problems that may arise during payment are sole responsibility of the banks/agents in question, to whom you should address in such cases, as the Company is not involved or otherwise involved in the relevant transactions.

III. Any use by you of the information and the general content of the Website is solely at your discretion and discretion, solely at your own will and initiative and at your sole responsibility.

The content of the Website and all information contained therein is for your general information only and for making orders, purchases, etc. of our Company's products.

Therefore, all such content and information shall in no way under any circumstances be construed by visitors/users as recommendations, prompts, advice or inducement for any further act or action or omission of their own.


I. The owner of the Website is the Company, which retains all copyrights in its content, from the time of its creation, as well as in any derivative works created based on it. These rights of the Company are protected by the relevant applicable Greek and European law.

II. Further, all logos, trademarks and/or other industrial property rights of the Website material belong exclusively to the Company, unless expressly stated otherwise.

III. Of course, there are works on the Website on which there are copyrights of third parties (e.g. images from the Internet, codes of content management systems, specific fonts and software programs used by the developer of the Website in accordance with the relevant licenses, etc. etc.), while for products or services mentioned on the Website under the brands or logos or distinguishing marks of third-party companies/entities/bodies, the said companies/entities/bodies are the beneficiaries.

But apart from these, all texts, graphics, illustrations, images, photos, drawings, videos, and in general all the original content of the Website, its design structure and image are the subject of intellectual property of the Company.

IV. The content of the Website is freely available to its visitors/users, but they are obliged not to modify or alter it and not to reproduce or further use it without the consent of the Company and then only with a clear and explicit reference to its origin, that is to say the content belongs to this Website and is the property of the Company.

Copying in any way for commercial purposes, making available, storing, integrating into other websites or systems, transmitting or distributing the content of the Website, in whole or in part or in parts, is absolutely prohibited, unless they are done with the prior written consent of the Company. They are likewise prohibited

V. For any question regarding intellectual property rights in relation to the Website, please contact the Company (email:


I. Website visitors/users can connect to the Company's online services using codes they create themselves, after registering through the relevant page of our Website, in order to place orders and purchases from our online store.

II. They may also subscribe to the Company's newsletters in order to receive our updates, offers or product catalogs and related communications.

Users can at any time request the termination of communication and object, in an easy way and free of charge, to the collection and use of their data by choosing to unsubscribe from the Company's newsletters, which is provided to them in every relevant message sent to them, in a way clear and distinct.

III. For the registration of users, the Company does not request access to their other data, but only collects the necessary identification information and all the information required by law for the execution of orders and purchases and the appropriate completion of the relevant transactions (invoicing, shipping, delivery etc.).

IV. Users registered as above are solely responsible for any action taken through their account and must at all times ensure that their personal passwords are kept private, confidential and secure and not disclosed to third parties.

V. If any registered user discovers unauthorized access to his account and/or in general wants to contact the Company with any issue concerning the management of his account, please contact the Company directly (email: ).


I. This Website collects personal data every time the visitor/user registers for its services and/or fills in a data submission form and/or when using the Website.

This data includes his name, home or work address, e-mail address, telephone number, profession, A.F.M. and other billing and payment information of said registered user.

II.Also, in order for the user to be able to connect to the Website and to perform its basic functions, when the visitor enters it, the Company installs the necessary cookies ("trackers") on the user's device and automatically records in log files information from the electronic equipment he uses and, in particular, information related to his IP address, the date and time of his connection to the Website, the response codes of his server, the call parameters of the protocol https (https response), the URL from which you accessed the Website, the type of browser as well as the type of operating system used.

III. The Company processes the personal data of visitors/users of the Website for reasons related to its use as mentioned above (e.g. information, submission of communication requests, orders, making purchases, etc.), to improve the services provided and ensuring the operation of the respective service and/or on the basis of the user's consent for the purposes of measuring the Website's traffic and/or extracting statistical information to improve the services provided by the Website.

IV. The Company keeps said data confidential, processes it securely and takes all appropriate measures to protect it, observing the applicable legislation regarding the collection and processing of the above personal data of the users of the Website and with the application, use and installation of trackers and related technologies, it installs only the absolutely necessary cookies from a technical point of view and gives the visitor the opportunity to choose whether or not they wish to use further optional cookies (analysis, advertising, etc.).

V. Visitors have legal rights to access, withdraw consent, correct, complete, delete their data or limit their processing, transfer their data to another entity, object to the processing and complain, in case they consider that it is affected the protection of their personal data, to the Personal Data Protection Authority (

VI. For any issue related to the processing of their personal data, website visitors can contact the Company (e-mail:, while more detailed information on the collection and processing of users' personal data , the purposes and legal bases of the processing, the rights of the users, the recipients and the measures applied by the Company to protect them, can be found in the Policy/Declaration of Personal Data Protection and in the Policy for the use of Cookies of our Company.


I. Through the Website it may be possible to access other websites, of third parties, through links, hyperlinks, etc. (links, hyperlinks or advertising banners).

II. The use of these links is made exclusively for the convenience of the visitors/users of the Website and the links in question are not controlled by the Company, but by the aforementioned third parties - beneficiaries of the specific websites, which are subject to the respective terms of use of their third party beneficiaries.

Therefore, for any possible problem that may arise during the use of these websites or the users' visit to them, they concern exclusively these third parties, who have the sole responsibility for their content and to whom they should be addressed users in any case.

III. The existence of the links on the Website does not mean nor imply nor should it be perceived or interpreted by users/visitors as approval, acceptance or in any way adoption of their contents by our Company.

IV. Users of our Website use the links on the Website and visit these third party websites at their own risk and assume, themselves, the relevant potential risks.

The Company has not inspected these websites, does not necessarily accept or provide any guarantee for their content or their services and does not accept any responsibility that may be invoked by a user/visitor of the Website from accessing these websites or from the collection personal data from them, nor does it certainly guarantee their availability. In addition, it is not responsible for the terms of management and protection of personal data that they follow nor for their legality.


I. These Terms of Use, as well as any amendment or change or updated version thereof, are governed by applicable Greek and European law.

II. No modification of any of the provisions of the Terms of Use shall be considered or made a part of them unless in writing and incorporated therein.

III. Should any of the Terms of Use be considered contrary to the applicable legal framework or unenforceable or voidable, it will automatically cease to be valid without affecting the validity of the other terms of this text.

For any issue related to the operation of our Website, please contact the Company (email:

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